VIDEO: New Animal – “Falling Up”

New Animal - "Falling Up"Fans who have been keeping close tabs on psyche-pop duo New Animal have witnessed a young band strive to become as proficient at providing engaging visual backdrops for their music as they are at crafting elegant pop songs. To date the duo have posted 38 videos posted to their YouTube channel, which contains everything from live and studio cuts to self-produced found footage affairs, as well as a genuine stab or two at more conceptual filmmaking. But the group’s latest video, released just yesterday, is an altogether different beast.

Written and directed by Chandler Mays of Atlanta-based Bright Elephant Films, “Falling Up” marks New Animal’s first foray into a professional-style production complete with a cast and crew. It’s definitely slicker and more sophisticated than anything they’ve ever done, but what truly sets it apart is the narrative story arc that threads itself over and around the track. Part of me wants to complain about the predictability of what transpires, but it’s so well structured, and each scene so meticulously framed, that it’s difficult not to succumb to its considerable magic. I particularly love how the soft palette and blurred edges accentuate the song’s shimmery, pastel-hued luster. But it’s the editing work on the track’s coda that really seals the deal. The flurry of flashbacks and rapid fire cuts takes what was previously a well-produced, but ultimately conventional, video and transforms it into one of the more riveting local productions of the year. Enjoy.

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