VIDEO: PLS PLS – “Cocaine”

PLS PLS - CocaineMaybe it’s because I grew up in Miami in the ’80s, but the mere mention of the word “cocaine” makes my mind turn to Miami Vice. It’s a trigger for visions of white suits and pastel tees, palm trees, ocean waves, speed boats, bikini-clad women, seedy underworld dealers and, of course, mounds and mounds of blow. And from the looks of this fantastic new PLS PLS video, I’m not the only one who thinks of Crockett and Tubbs when the subject of nose candy turns up. Sometimes the most obvious route is the best path forward.

Directed, shot and edited by Video Rahim, and starring a slew of Atlanta musicians including bandleader Dan Dixon, Elijah Jones of the Constellations, Cousin Dan and Gun Party’s Hawthorne T. Glitter, the NSFW “Cocaine” takes all those core elements of the iconic television show and weaves a compelling six-minute crime tale parody populated by corrupt cops, small-time hustlers and one vengeful middleman seeking to settle a score. It’s such a well-crafted feast for the eyes you almost forget the fact that the track, a cover of blues-folk legend Abner Jay, is also one of the year’s best local songs. Fucking killer.

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