VIDEO: Royal Thunder – “Sleeping Witch” (indieATL Session)

Matt Rowles and his crew over at indieATL have once again made my day.

With the release of their debut full-length, CVI, just weeks away, sludgy blues-metal quartet Royal Thunder found time to visit the DAEL studios at Georgia State University and perform songs from both their upcoming album and their first self-titled EP. Originally written when the band was a trio, “Sleeping Witch” is one of those older jams that really benefits from the group’s transition to a four-piece. The addition of Josh Coleman on rhythm guitar has no doubt made the band heavier and more dynamic, but here they also sound darker and creepier—a feeling which is only enhanced by the studio’s smoky atmosphere and dim lighting. I’m certainly anxious and eager to listen to some new material, but it’s always great to hear the band smolder and burn their way through the old familiar cuts.

CVI is due out May 22 via Relapse Records.

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