VIDEO: Royal Thunder – “Whispering World” (indieATL Session)

Of the many things I love about the sessions produced by indieATL, one of the most important is that they draw out the pretenders. There’s no hiding your flaws behind muddy, lo-fi, reverb-soaked recordings or elaborate stage theatrics; if you can’t hack it as a performer, an indieATL session will make it plain for all the world to see and hear.

By the same taken, if you’re an artist gifted with extraordinary abilities, an indieATL session is a killer means of showcasing your talents. Like this Royal Thunder joint right here, otherwise known as exhibit A in the Mlny-Parsonz-can-belt-it-out-with-the-best-of-them case file. Jesus Christmas, this girl has got one hell of a mean howl. And that’s the beauty. No tricks up their sleeves, no studio wizardry. Royal Thunder create some of the heaviest and most propulsive Southern hard rock stompers this side of Savannah and if anyone who has any doubts, the evidence is right here. All you have to do is watch and listen.

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