VIDEO: Stallone – “La Cobra” (IndieATL Session)

StalloneLook, I have a healthy amount of respect for MonstrO. The band is solid on all fronts, and as a unit, they provide ample space for guitarist Juan Montoya to engage in his psychedelic grunge explorations. But listening to instrumental behemoths Stallone unleash one blistering post-metal thunderbolt after another, I can’t help but wish that Montoya would commit to this as his primary vehicle for six-string slayage. The world has enough melodic alt-rock, no matter how well-conceived; what it needs is more frenetic brutality, more spacey gorgeousness, more visceral experimentalism. The band’s rendering of “La Cobra” on the latest indieATL Session is punishingly physical but there are also radiant slivers of that beauty that shine in between all the hammering blows. It’s this disparity in styles, and the band’s ability to that make such a staggering onslaught seem effortless, that makes their music so forceful and compelling.

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