Eight ATL Records to Listen for in July

Cloudeater - PurgeI’ve been putting together these posts for a couple of years now and one of the things that I find myself writing about frequently is diversity. Atlanta has a helluva ton of bands playing a wide variety of music, which, simply put, is a huge part of what makes our music scene so vibrant and so much damn fun to cover. Just check out this list of upcoming July releases to see what I’m talking about. If you’re searching for quality hip-hop, psych-rock, Americana, electro, shoegaze, pop-punk, doom, drone and/or alternative rock, there’s definitely a record here that you should be seeking out and giving a listen.

As for me, the record that I’m far and away looking most forward to spending a lot of quality time with this summer is Cloudeater’s upcoming Purge EP. It seems like we’ve been hearing about the collaboration between the local alt-rockers and esteemed producer Prefuse 73 for forever now, and starting today you can hear for yourself what all the fuss is about. Cloudeater not your thing? No worries, kid. With new records from the likes of local emcee Methuzulah, melodic indie rockers Shook Foil, doom drone duo Outer Gods, and acid casualties the N.E.C. all coming down the pike, it shouldn’t be long until you stumble across something that hits you just right.

Look Alive

Look Alive - Mistakes & MilestonesLook Alive – Mistakes & Milestones
Release Date: July 2
Label: Autumn + Colour Records

Release Info:
Pop-punk quintet Look Alive will release their debut EP, Mistakes & Milestones, on July 2. The seven-song effort will be available on CD and through most digital retailers.

Mistakes & Milestones
01. Transitions
02. Anchored
03. Sink or Swim
04. The Way I See It
05. Farewell
06. Inquisition
07. Over/Under

More Info:
Web: www.lookaliveatl.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lookaliveatl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lookaliveatl


Methuzulah - The VentriloquistMethuzulah – The Ventriloquist
Release Date: July 6
Label: Self-released

Release Info:
Zulu Nation’s Methuzulah will release his new joint, The Ventriloquist, this Saturday, July 6. It will be available as a digital only release with a physical release to follow on August 13.

Methuzulah will celebrate the release of The Ventriloquist on Saturday, July 6 at the Basement in support of Casual (Hieroglyphics). Also performing will be BLCTXT, Liuns Den, Stacy Epps, Rasheeda Ali and more. Doors open at 9pm. $10 gets you in.

The Ventriloquist
01. Broken Spell
02. Makes No Difference
03. True & Living Honorable (feat. GPWFLY)
04. Interlude
05. Pay Homage (feat. Boog Brown, Rasheeda Ali and DJ AmDex)
06. Fighting Soldiers (feat. Nikki Slick)
07. Material World (feat. Ras Kofi and Minister Server)
08. The Watchers
09. Interlude 2
10. Diamonds Are Coal (feat. Rasheeda Ali)

More Info:
Bandcamp: www.methuzulah.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/methuzulah.gem
Twitter: www.twitter.com/methuzulah


Cloudeater - PurgeCloudeater – Purge
Release Date: July 9
Label: Self-released

Release Info:
Cloudeater’s (R.I.P.) long-awaited collaboration with artist and producer Prefuse 73 will finally see the light of day on July 9. The eight-song EP will be available on CD and through most digital retailers.

01. Crushed
02. Purge
03. Hedron
04. Shelter
05. Hollow
06. Lethal
07. Detection
08. Lethal

More Info:
Web: www.cloudeatermusic.com
Bandcamp: www.cloudeater.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cloudeatermusic
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/cloudeatermusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cloudeatermusic

Tedo Stone

Tedo Stone - Good Go BadTedo Stone – Good Go Bad
Release Date: July 9
Label: This is American Music

Release Info:
Retro rocker Tedo Stone is prepping the release of his debut full length, Good Go Bad, due out July 9 via This is American Music. It will be available on CD and through most digital retailers.

Good Go Bad
01. Big as the Ocean
02. Good Go Bad
03. Taste
04. Who
05. Back Again
06. Circles
07. High
08. Time
09. War
10. Downtown

More Info:
Web: www.tedostone.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tedostone
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tedostone

Shook Foil

Shook Foil - The Tethered LifeShook Foil – The Tethered Life
Release Date: July 19
Label: Boom Done! Records

Release Info:
After releasing a couple of well-regarded EPs, Shook Foil will release its much-anticipated full-length debut, The Tethered Life, on July 19. It will be available on CD and through most digital retailers.

Shook Foil will celebrate the release of The Tethered Life on Friday, July 19 at the Drunken Unicorn. Supporting them will be fellow locals 100 Watt Horse and Small Reactions. Doors open at 9pm. $7 gets you in or $10 gets you admission + a CD.

The Tethered Life
01. Balk
02. Some Heavy Weight
03. Dadaism
04. More or Less
05. If You’ll Try
06. Carrion Comfort
07. For All the Mexican Americans
08. Holiness Girl
09. Johnny By the Riverside
10. Plans
11. So Far Above It All

More Life:
Web: www.dearshook.blogspot.com
Bandcamp: www.shookfoil.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shookfoil
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dearshook

Outer Gods

Outer Gods - Light Dims EternalOuter Gods – Light Dims Eternal
Release Date: July 30
Label: Domestic Genocide

Release Info:
Doom drone duo Outer Gods are scheduled to release their next EP, Light Dims Eternal, on July 30 via Domestic Genocide. The five-song release will be available on CD and through most digital retailers.

Light Dims Eternal
01. Future Decay
02. Due Sabatti
03. Beyond the Crimson Gate
04. Blessed Be the Host of Sorrow
05. From Behind the Walls, She Heard a Voice Like an Angel

More Info:
Bandcamp: www.outergods.bandcamp.com
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/outergods
Tumblr: www.outeroutergods.tumblr.com

Attention System

Attention System - Incoming!Attention System – Incoming!
Release Date: July 31
Label: Self-released

Release Info:
Attention System’s follow-up to 2010′s Wait For My Signal will finally hit the interwebs on July 31. Incoming! will be available as a digital-only release with physical copies soon to follow.

01. Solar Crisis
02. Lack 0f Friction
03. Chasing Rabbits
04. Broadcast Errors
05. Incoming!
06. The Suspect
07. Parametric
08. Survival Unknown

More Info:
Web: www.attentionsystem.com
Bandcamp: www.attentionsystem.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/attentionsystem
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/attention-system
Twitter: www.twitter.com/attentionsystem

The N.E.C.

Release Date: TBA
Label: [OVE:EVO]/Tripp Tapes

Release Info:
Psychedelic cosmonauts the N.E.C. have a new cassette coming out this month called R U GOING TO THE SHOW? In addition to the tape version, a vinyl release will also be available this Fall.

01. Sally
02. Get Off to the Sound of Love
03. High Heel Walker
04. Seasikkk
05. LaBlue
06. Magician’s Origin pt.2
07. Psychedelic Banker

More Info:
Web: www.naturalextensionconcept.com
Bandcamp: www.thenec.bandcamp.com