EP REVIEW: Feast of Violet – Chelsea Psychic

Feast of Violet - Chelsea Psychic

Chelsea Psychic
[Self-released, 2013]


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I must admit, when I started listening to Feast of Violet’s (a.k.a. Allen Taylor, also of Lotus Plaza, Mirror Mode and Kolossi) latest EP Chelsea Psychic, my ears automatically sent a brigade of skepticism to my brain. What I heard first was a cacophony of synthesized, pointy melodies and distorted overlays, and because of the amount of similarities with other ambient, Georgia State-esque wistful sounding projects, I made a snap judgment. I kept it on though, because I knew that was unfair. Then something happened, and I was submerged. My experience was akin to sinking to the bottom of a pool, where the clatter of the day can’t reach you. Chelsea Psychic did that to me; it took me out of my head space and into some second layer. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have some game-changing rise out of consciousness, but I did become subdued without realizing it, until, of course, I actually realized it.

Within the EP there is a vibrant amalgamation of tranquility and preciseness that permeates each track, giving them the backbones to build off of and to reach out to the listeners from different angles. “Sea of Light” is an ascending chant that cuts off abruptly, while “Calm” presents an esoteric plank over what dropping acid sounds like, if that makes sense. Actually this whole EP could somehow fit into that particular experience, but that is beside the point. The title track sounds like a song to motivate mornings, and could double equally as one to culminate a night. “Studio” is spacey, open and wavey, dropping anchor somewhere surrealistic and accepting. In its entirety, the EP is an ebbing and flowing manifestation of whatever it inspires in your mind. I used the word “somewhere” previously, and I think that word fits Feast of Violet’s latest work most appropriately. The place Chelsea Psychic takes you to is definite in its existence, but obscurely particular to your personal reaction.

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