MP3: Astronaut Dreams and Flying Machines – “A Younger Man”

Astronaut Dreams and Flying Machines

The last time we checked in with former A Fight to the Death frontman CJ Bargamian, he was churning out glossy dance pop with his solo project Tele Noir. However, despite its promising foundation, the music never materialized in any significant way. And now, perhaps, we know why.

Astronaut Dreams and Flying Machines is Bargamian’s latest project, one which he’s apparently been working on for considerable time. While most new bands and artists, especially local ones, are content to release music in small trickles—a debut single here or a short EP there—Bargamian has unleashed a veritable flood of new noise. “A Younger Man” is not only the lead track from ADAFM’s debut EP, simply titled EP1, it’s also one of 20 new tracks that Bargamian recently unveiled on Bandcamp as part of a 4 EP assault to introduce his new project to the world. Obviously that’s quite a bit of music to soak up, but fortunately “A Younger Man,” with its elegant hooks, desert at dusk grooves and full-on Bowie bear hug embrace, is more than enough incentive to dive right in. Give it a listen below and then head over to Bandcamp where you can download yourself a whole slew of music for whatever price you choose.

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