MP3: BOSCO – “Black Book”


Yesterday, after adding BOSCO’s new single, “Black Book,” to my list of ATL records to listen for in September, I received an email from Ms. Bosco requesting that I replace the older promo photo I had posted with the animated gif you see above. “We’re trying to move away from old artwork as we don’t really feel a connection to them anymore,” she wrote—a candid explanation for a simple request. But in her relatively short career, the dream pop chantreuse has never been one to idly maintain course and keep pumping out the same formula. She understands the importance of reinvention, of constantly tweaking her band’s sound and look to keep their audience engaged and guessing. With “Black Book,” BOSCO’s first release since last year’s lovely Let Go of Me EP, the group remains as ethereal and sensual as ever, crafting a lush and ambient nocturnal soundscape that’s positively luminous. The upgrades and adjustments are subtle; the structure and emotional tenor remain much the same, but everything from the dry-pulsing beats and dreamy synth grooves to Bosco’s soulful delivery sounds fuller, more polished and radiant. It would be a stretch to call it a bold leap in terms of the evolution of the band’s sound, but for my money BOSCO has never sounded finer or more in command. Give it a listen below.

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