MP3: Britt Teusink – “Get Tough”

Britt Teusink - Get Tough

Britt Teusink never fails to impress. Whether churning out experimental art rock with his old running mates A. Grimes or abstract noise-pop via deadCAT, there’s always something unique and compelling about his music. For the most part his solo jams have come across more as works in progress than final products, but his latest effort, the hypnotic “Get Tough,” arrives fully formed and ready to take over your stereo. Unintentionally or not, I hear a lot classic Massive Attack in the track’s propulsive groove, but rather than 3D and Daddy G’s hazy black light funk and puffs of smoky gray ambiance, Teusink colors his beats with blissed-out vocals, pastel synths and radiant bursts of electronic noise. Give it a listen below.

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