MP3: Cloudeater (feat. DT and Dillon) – “Black”


Hard (and still sad) to believe that it’s been six months since Cloudeater announced their dissolution. Fortunately, some consolation arrived in the form of Purge, the band’s final and possibly best release, and now here we have a surprise single that’s been hiding in the vault for about a year. For all intents and purposes it’s not exactly a true Cloudeater track in that there’s no soulful crooning from Sam Dew to balance out the band’s oftentimes abrasive post-industrial attack. But no worries. Filling in for Dew are two of Atlanta’s best underground emcees, Dillon and DT of Clan Destined and the Difference Machine who let their verses fly against a backdrop of clattering percussion and booming drums. One of the group’s defining traits was their ability to cross-pollinate between varying genres and “Black,” with its layered beats and clamorous groove, is a good illustration of how the band was able to satisfy the appetites of both rock lovers and hip-hop heads alike. Give it a listen below.

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