MP3: Cloudeater – “Hollow”


It seems like forever since we first heard about the collaboration between Cloudeater and Prefuse 73. In that time we’ve heard a slew of standalone singles and videos, which together have combined to clearly articulate the band’s musical growth and evolution, even as they decided to call it quits last month. Still, we’ve only been left with glimpses and guesses as to what the acclaimed artist and producer will do when handed the reigns to the group’s forthcoming EP, Purge, due out July 9.

That is, until now.

Last week the band unveiled the EPs first single via Pigeons and Planes, and fans were finally able to savor their first taste of the long-awaited collaboration. The results? “Hollow” is far more buoyant and upbeat than anything we’ve heard from the group lately, but there’s still plenty of grit and grime beneath the track’s glitchy polish. It’s a song that relies far more on rhythm and melody than atmosphere and texture leading to a dense, full-bodied sound with a driving pulse. Guillermo Scott Herren isn’t exactly reinventing Cloudeater’s wheel here, but he does play around with the blueprint enough to give it a vital new spin.

Listen to the track below and then make sure to grab the free download here.

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