MP3: deadCAT – “Wet Heat”

deadCAT - Wet Heat

There’s something delightfully messy and cluttered about “Wet Heat,” the title track from deadCAT’s latest EP, and also something infectious and transporting. One of the things I like the most about it is that I don’t know what to do with it, which is an odd thing to say about any song, especially one that’s ostensibly pop-derived. But this is the sort of blissful noise that ties you in knots; it’s led by a propulsive hook that feeds into what should be a massive dance groove, but there’s just enough of a hesitant lurch in the beat to keep the copious bottom end from lifting you up and sweeping you away. Meanwhile, the song’s nooks and crannies spill out with all sorts of intricately-layered clicks, pops, chirps and beeps rendering any attempt to zone out to Britt Teusink’s washed-out vocals nearly impossible. In most cases, I’d be lamenting all these hindrances as just that—roadblocks to what should otherwise be a mesmerizing and liquified flow. But here they somehow, someway come together to serve the greater interest, resulting in one of the most compelling listens of this young year.

Give the track a listen below and then head over to deadCAT’s Bandcamp page where you can download the Wet Heat EP in its entirety for any price you choose.

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