MP3: Nobra Noma – “Anchors”

Nobra Noma - Anchors

Since the dissolution of his former band, ex-Cassandras guitarist Michael Jordan (real name Michael Meadows) has been honing his solo skills and releasing music at a prodigious rate. Currently, he is hard at work on his fourth EP since he adopted the Nobra Noma moniker last year, and yesterday he unveiled the record’s first single, “Anchors.” It’s an ambitious effort—not so much in the I’m-going-to-write-a-sprawling-20-minute-opus-with-a-barrage-of-time-and-tempo-changes kind of way (although there are some decidedly proggy moments tucked in amidst all the anthemic psych-rock), but more so in the listen-as-I-try-to-craft-the-most-massive-hooks-I-can-muster sort of way. “Anchors” is nothing if not a roaring rush of whirling guitars and breezy melodies.

Credit much of the song’s contagious potency to Jordan’s growing confidence as a songwriter, but let’s not overlook the fact that for the first time, he’s chosen to surround himself with other players. There’s Calm White Noise bandleader Dylan Banks laying down some propulsive beats on drums and electronics, and also audio engineer Andrew Short chiming in with some wicked bass grooves. With some of the musical weight lifted off his shoulders, Jordan is free to turn in what is his finest vocal performance to date—a soaring upper register effort that has as much in common with Steely Dan as, say, Local Natives. It’s wonderfully infectious, and an indelible sign that Nobra Noma is starting to come into its own.

Give “Anchors” a listen below and then head over to the Nobra Noma Bandcamp page where you can download the track for any price you choose.

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