MP3: Outrageous Fun – “Rock n’ Roll”

Outrageous Fun

For a band, playing tightly requires dedication, precision and practice. Playing sloppy—and sounding good while doing it—well, that’s more of an art form.

I’m not here to insinuate that Marietta garage-punk trio Outrageous Fun have even begun to master that rarefied ability, but on “Rock n’ Roll,” the lead single from their recently released debut, Trustfund DIY, the band does play with the sort of feverish intensity and who-gives-a-fuck attitude that are requisite traits for good ol’ sloppy punk rock. Vocalist/guitarist Sam Hellmann is more of a belter that he is a singer, and his strained exhortations help lend greater urgency to the group’s sneering rush. Is it artful? Unlikely. Is it outrageous? Not particularly. Is it fun? Fuck yeah.

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