MP3: Vera Vera – “The System”

Vera Vera

There’s something magnetic about Vera Vera’s vocals. They’re a little inaudible and slighty screechy, yet always emphatic. They attach themselves like livewires to the band’s rumbling, garage-infused electro rock grooves, electrifying everything they come into contact with and dragging it to the center of the dance party. There are no unresolved feelings or coy yearnings; every phrase feels boldly declarative. Indeed, if you want to solve the mystery of the group’s delirious late night revelry, the vocals are the first clue.

But they are still, of course, only a part of the story. The band, which includes Swank Motel guitarist/vocalist Jordan Parker, is working on their debut full length, and have made five of the tracks available as a name your price demo EP on their Bandcamp page. The EPs closing track, “The System,” exudes a fiery, almost rebellious vibrancy, with gritty electronics squaring off against propulsive guitars that swoon and swell below the song’s grimy beats. It’s simultaneously abrasive and infectious; a dark and sexy electro stomper that’s not afraid to get a little dirty. There’s a fine line between steady confidence and over-the-top cockiness and Vera Vera seem to know exactly where to step. Killer.

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