MP3: Warning Light – “The Fork in the Path”

Warning Light - Night Time

It seems like minimalism is the theme for today and few people in this town do more with less than ambient composer Drew Haddon, aka Warning Light. Earlier this week, Haddon released a relatively unannounced three-song EP called Night Time, and while the music retains much of the monochromatic gray-hued tones that have come to define his cinematic soundscapes, this new effort finds him streaking his moody canvasses with flashes of light and color (just peep the neon glow of that cover, kids).

‘The Fork in the Path” is the EPs longest runner, clocking in at exactly ten minutes, during which time Haddon builds a steady and pondering drone that somehow manages to evoke the meditative sounds of chirping crickets and chanting monks at the same time. But it’s the chilly retro-futurism of the song’s hypnotic synth-pop melody that really sucks you in; there’s a subdued beauty lurking in the atmosphere and the dry-pulsing reverberations help to tie in a hint of noir tension. Give it a listen below and then head over to the Warning Light Bandcamp page where you can download the Night Time EP for any price you choose. Or, if you’re feeling physical, you can grab one of his hand-dubbed, hand-numbered, limited-edition cassettes for just $5.

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