NOW HEAR THIS: Buildings


There are days when I coast obliviously. Days when I allow myself to grow lazy and fat on bad food, scripted reality and mindless celebrity-obsessed culture. It’s rarely by design, although I’ll admit there are times when I crave the relative peace of idleness and greasy overindulgence. But generally it isn’t long before I feel the need to purge the excess. And in these moments there’s nothing quite like some Am Rep pigfuck noise brutality to rub your nose in the shit and set your mind straight. Atlanta has no shortage of inciting agents willing and capable of delving out dirty punishment and hammering you back in line, but lately my provocateurs of choice have been Minneapolis-based noise-rock trio Buildings.

On their sophomore LP, Melt Cry Sleep, the group prove themselves to be especially proficient at generating the sort of dense, clamoring roar that both rings in your ears and rumbles violently in your gut. It’s hardcore music at it’s most blistering and physical, an unrepentantly loud and abrasive aesthetic that screams for blood. And yet, for all their unrelenting fury, each song retains a tuneful backbone that remains rigid and true amidst all the filthy Jesus Lizard riffing and pummeling noise-rock grooves.

I first came to know the band by virtue of a split 7-inch the band is releasing later this month with grimy hometown heathens, Hawks (try saying that fast 3 times). There were plans for the two bands to tour together, but Hawks dropped out when guitarist Andrew Wiggins was offered the chance to do sound for the Today is the Day/Black Tusk/KEN Mode/Fight Amp super tour. Fortunately, Buildings decided to stick it out on their own and will be at the Basement this Saturday night alongside some of this city’s finest, most ferocious musical agitators. It won’t be pretty, but if you’re like me and you like your rock with a seething spoonful of ugly and mean, there’s no other place you’re going to want to be.

Buildings will perform this Saturday night, April 6th, at the Basement. Supporting them will be Whores, Dropout and Youth XL (featuring members of Hawks). Doors open at 9pm.

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