PLS PLS Announce New Record, Stream First Single “On/Off/On”


On Wednesday, post-punk stalwarts PLS PLS posted a drool-worthy photo of their upcoming new record to their Facebook stream accompanied simply by the text “Oct 22…” The picture featured pink-hued artwork for the front and back covers and a wall of five vinyl LPs, each indicating a different style and hue that will be available for purchase. As album announcements go it was a pretty badass move that succinctly informed their fans of three things: 1) The new album is complete and already pressed; 2) It will be released on October 22; and 3) Dan Dixon and his cohorts have A LOT invested in the new record, both musically and professionally.

Yesterday, more news came in with the band announcing that they had signed with the fledgling Los Angeles-based label El Camino Media, and also that the new record is to be called LP LP (no surprise given their own moniker and the title of last year’s stellar debut, EP EP). But the most exciting thing to be unveiled in all of this was our first taste of the album courtesy of the anthemic new single “On/Off/On.” Lyrically, the track maintains much of the late night brood and stormy tension that made EP EP such a dynamic listen, but instead of propulsive post-punk rhythms and jagged melodies, the electronic-minded grooves here are almost downright bouncy and effusive. Bottom line: The song is catchy as all get out and a terrific starting point for one of my most anticipated local records of the year. Give it a listen below.

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