PREMIERE: The Electric Nature – “Ancient Astronauts and Medicine Men”

The Electric Nature - Ancient Astronauts and Medicine Men

If there was a more startling local release this year than the Electric Nature’s Sunspot EP, I’ve yet to hear it. By moving from what was essentially a one man cottage industry specializing in experimental drone and avant sound collages to a full-blown psychedelic rock experience, Michael Potter and company revealed themselves to be one of the city’s more versatile and musically ambitious outfits. With “Ancient Astronauts and Medicine Men,” an epic new track taken from a split release with Kalamazoo, Michigan-based improvisational collective Forget the Times, the band continues their brave exploration of rock’s outer reaches, casting themselves as a sort of spacier, more free-wheeling Maserati. It’s heady stuff for sure, but it also attacks with a motorik precision that drives the band’s spiraling rhythms relentlessly forward. Give it a listen below.

Ancient Astronauts and Medicine Men is out today and is available via Bandcamp.

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