MP3: BOSCO – “Slippin”

BOSCO - Slippin

Atlanta’s reigning queen of lush nocturnal ambiance has been busy as of late bridging the narrow gap between the pastel-colored dream pop that marked BOSCO’s earlier output and the markedly more soulful R&B flavors she’s currently cooking with. New single “Slippin” basks in the warm glow of its sexy elegance opening with a tension-building intro that quickly unfolds into an ethereal cloud of pulsing synths and booming bass. Musically, it’s the perfect backdrop for Ms. Bosco’s sultry croon, a gorgeous, mid-tempo burner that builds and crests. It’s no secret that her voice has continued to grow stronger and more melodious with every release, and here she sounds positively radiant. When she declares “you got me slippin” on the chorus, it’s an enveloping moment, and all you want to do is reach out and catch her.

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