STREAM: Death of Kings – “Knifehammer”

Death of Kings

I am going to balk at calling what Death of Kings do as classic thrash metal, but it’s hard to deny that similarly-minded titans like Slayer and Sepultura have become relics rather than guiding forces in the current state of metal culture. This is not to say that the Atlanta band sounds dated, only that the path they are carving for themselves happens to cross over some well-trodden territory. For their latest 7″ single, “Knifehammer,” this means whiplash guitars, frenetic double bass drumming, mile-a-minute solos, and hyper-agressive vocals aimed squarely at barking down the establishment. (In short, fuck yeah, horns up, if this is your thing.) Yes, the pieces may be comfortable and familiar, but there’s no denying the band’s fluidity and passion, or how effortless they make their fiery, high-speed furor seem.

And that’s just it. Death of Kings fucking rip. Maybe it comes at the expense of innovation, but that’s beside the point. These dudes know exactly what it is that they want to do, and they’re exceedingly good at doing it. That’s not just admirable, it’s pretty awesome, too. Oh, and did I mention that their new 7″ glows in the dark? Fuck yeah. And horns up.

The “Knifehammer” 7″ is available now via Boris Records.

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