STREAM: Death On Two Wheels – “Giving It All Away”

Death On Two Wheels

Sometimes shit gets past me. I don’t always know how or why, but not matter how alert or vigilant I try to be, there are songs and albums that just seem to magically appear on my radar, alive and fully formed. This new Death On Two Wheels full length, for instance. Where the hell did it come from? Maybe the band was being deliberately quiet, or maybe I just missed the signs, but whatever the reason, I only recently found out that the album comes out tomorrow.

For the record, I’m effing stoked.

And why wouldn’t I be? Just give a listen to “Giving It All Away,” an anthemic, fist-pumping, big guitar blazer that attacks with hot-wired intensity. All the answers you need are there: Trae Vedder’s whiskey and gravel-coated vocals, the blues-fuzz romp of their modern yet retro guitars, the dynamic counterplay of the organ, the pulsing urgency of the sweeping chorus. It’s music mean for drinking, stomping and screaming along, which sounds alright by me. If there’s any advantage to not always being on top of everything, it’s suddenly getting bowled over by ragers like this. Give it a listen below.

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