STREAM: Hawks – “Rattalker”


All flailing penises and other performance shenanigans aside, Hawks has made its name by consistently churning out a guttural din of bruising pig fuck noise full of slashing guitars and sinister grooves. The band is all spittle, sneer and snarl, attacking in venomous bursts of misanthropic rage that aims for the gut and bowels. But occasionally (“Sunder King” on last year’s brilliant Push Over being a perfect example), the group scales back the psychosis and latches onto something much more tuneful and direct. With “Rattalker,” the A-side from their upcoming self-titled 7″, the emphasis is not so much on bilious chaos as it is on a measured mid-tempo stomp that’s both accessible and brutally insistent. It’s still plenty ugly, but credit the band for creating music that lingers in your head as much much as it sticks in your craw.

Hawks’ self-titled 7″ is due out April 30th via local label, Army of Bad Luck.

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