STREAM: Hawks – “Shit Show”


If you’re looking to ease slowly and comfortably into your Tuesday morning, may I suggest you keep a safe distance from what is yet another whiplash-inducing punch to the throat from Atlanta’s finest noise peddlers, Hawks. At this point you should already know the drill—lashing, abrasive guitars; filthy vocals and a rhythm section that is hell-bent on leaving listeners battered and bruised. But like all of Hawks’ best moments, there’s just enough of a hint of melody to make you relish every last note of caustic punishment.

The track comes from an upcoming split 7″ with Minneapolis-based hardcore pummelers, Buildings, who will also join Hawks on an East Coast tour scheduled for April. Each band will contribute a pair of tracks to the record, which will be limited to 500 copies and pressed onto yellow vinyl. The record will be released on or around April 20th via Cash Cow Production.

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