STREAM: Lyonnais – “Slow Bleed Requital”

Lyonnais - Terminus

Back in 2011, local filmmaker Solomon Chase and drone-punks Lyonnais announced their intentions to collaborate on a new film project called Terminus. The short post-apocalyptic film was successfully funded on Kickstarter and stars, among others, Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC’s mega-hit zombie series The Walking Dead. Now, after two years of filming, re-shoots, editing, scoring and mixing, Terminus has finally made its way to the Plaza Theatre where it will premiere this Saturday night.

To create the film’s gloomy score, Lyonnais wrote nearly 50 minutes of music, which was eventually sculpted into the four compositions that soundtrack Terminus’ 11-minute running time. The last of the four pieces, “Slow Blood Requital” is a dark, unsettling drone that settles on you thick, like a choking blast of black coal dust. The music is more ambient and obtuse than the band’s usual throbbing post-punk and murky goth grooves, but the band’s air of brooding mystery undeniably remains. Like most scores, the track is all about conveying mood and atmosphere, and if “Slow Bleed Requital” is any indication, Terminus is going to be one bleak and chilling ride. Give it a listen below.

Lyonnais will perform this Saturday night, August 3, at the Plaza Theatre after the film’s screening. Doors open at 7pm. $10 gets you in.

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