STREAM: Wake (feat. Jay Qwest) – “Basement Blues”

Wake - Seeds

Local hip-hop collective Wake released their debut EP, Seeds, on Tuesday and to help spread the word, the group released the cryptic new single “Basement Blues.” On a purely melodic level it doesn’t carry the immediacy of its warped, abstract predecessor, “Blood Bleeds,” but I like the fact that the sonic fog here is even thicker and more tense with dark, bassy synths conjuring an eerie atmosphere that is stark and somewhat cold. It’s a minimalist approach that leaves plenty of breathing space for the rhymes, including some solid work from guest MC, Jay Qwest. Overall, there’s room for improvement—a hint of a hook would help or some stickier verses—but it’s nice to see the group sticking to their experimental guns and pursuing something difficult and different.

Give the track a listen below and then head over to Wake’s website where you can download the Seeds EP in its entirety for free.

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