VIDEO: Adron – “Pyramids”

Adron - PyramidsWhen local songstress Adron announced her and her bandmates’ intentions to build a 10′ high pyramid along the Atlanta BeltLine to be used in service of a new music video for “Pyramids,” a track from her latest LP, Organismo, one could only be curious as to how the quirky art project would turn out. In addition to the intriguing nature of the structure itself, fans were asked to donate “reclaimed treasures”—old toys, furniture, recyclables, used vinyl, etc—to be used in decorating the pyramid, which was buoyed by a grant from the Atlanta BeltLine’s Volunteer Art committee. The end result was an audacious mix of modern kitsch and ancient mysticism that stood out as a tiny but bold landmark along Atlanta’s burgeoning redevelopment effort. Unfortunately, however, the pyramid only survived a few months before the structure had to be dismantled due to deterioration from the elements. But although it was short-lived, the project remained a testament to Adron’s artistic vision and determination to see things through.

And now, months later, we finally have the promised video. Directed by longtime Spike Lee film editor Barry Alexander Brown, “Pyramids” is flush with vibrant colors and gorgeous details that settle beautifully beneath Adron’s lush tropicalia-flavored folk. The action centers mostly around her wheeling a red wagon through Cabbagetown, collecting discarded treasures to be placed on the final installation. It’s a simple premise, but it’s skillfully rendered and the final product projects an air of joyful warmth that is as refreshing as a summer breeze. Check it out below.

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