VIDEO: BOSCO – “Slippin”

BOSCO - SlippinA few weeks back, BOSCO released one of the year’s best local tracks with the lush and radiant standalone single, “Slippin.” It was the most recent in a string of artistic triumphs for the dream pop chanteuse, one that found her embracing a more polished yet equally ethereal R&B aesthetic. Late last week, BOSCO unveiled the accompanying video, a red-forested blend of the natural and the nocturnal filtered through director Andrew Litten’s surreal lens. As visuals go it doesn’t carry the gravitas or emotional upheaval of last year’s “Joker,” but I do like the way the video’s inherent sense of movement and rhythm melds intuitively with the song’s pulsing beat, which apparently is all part of the master plan. As Ms. Bosco recently told Noisey:

“The sound dictates the visuals. As cliché as it sounds, I really do see sound and colors when I write. As Pharrell said, you see the sound. You see the music and you see how it moves. The lines and shapes. You create and build a world in your head. But the hard thing is getting it out of your head for people to experience it.”

Fortunately for us, BOSCO makes the transition from her mind to your screen seem elegant and easy. Watch it below.

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