VIDEO: Brother Hawk – “At Long Last”

Brother Hawk - At Long LastWhile most bands are laying low and sorting out their plans for “scene domination” or whatever the fuck in 2014, Brother Hawk have decided to keep pushing on and close out 2013 in grand fashion. Teaming up with Raven’s Eye Media and Pack Life Recording, the local foursome have conspired to assemble a series of four live videos featuring new tracks and will unveil one every Monday in December starting with this little gem you see here. “At Long Last” finds the group engaging in the warm blend of soulful blues and driving ’70s rock that has served the band well over the past couple of years. There are no surprises here, no attempts to shift the music in any new direction, just more sturdy musicianship and deep-felt melodies crafted by four down-to-earth dudes who continue to sound more and more comfortable in the increasingly larger niche they have carved out for themselves. Check it out below.

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