VIDEO: HAWKS – “White Crosses”

Hawks - White CrossesAnd so we find ourselves here once again, my friends, at the intersection of deep-seated depravity and the holy mess. A muted contrast. A simple but inelegant dichotomy. Flawed beauty and perverse purity masked against brutish ugliness. White crosses stained with blood.

After all, what better way to advance the stomach-churning cause of the mid-tempo stomp and snarl than with horror archetypes and gore? Black and white bleeding into color and violence, a pulling back of the grotesque curtain. (This is both the appeal and the put off.) Question: what do you do when life attacks and hands you monsters? Do you cower in fear or chop them off at the head? And what happens when the wounds you sustain won’t heal and you can feel that turn coming on? Do you surrender and fade or go out with a bang? Stupid questions, yes, but still eternal ones. And if all this seems a little over the top, well then, maybe there’s that, too. But there’s more here than you think. Better to come prepared.

HAWKS will perform tonight at 529 in support of NYC noise-rock veterans, Vaz. Also performing will be Rapturous Grief, Nun Hex, Acid Freaks and Sons of Tonatiuh. Doors open at 9 pm. Admission is FREE.

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