VIDEO: Hawks – “White Crosses” (Live)

Hawks - White CrossesEverything about this video turned out pretty well with the exception of the vocals, which are buried beneath the band’s convulsive attack. Normally I wouldn’t mind so much, but a large part of what makes Hawks so great is listening to Michael Keenan’s guttural growl and lacerating vocal inflections. A lot of that is lost here. Still, the band is definitely ripping it, per usual, with Shane Patrick’s explosive drumming clearing the way for Andrew Wiggins’ serrated riffs and off-kilter rhythms. Since its release, “White Crosses” (from the band’s 2012 LP Push Over) has slowly made its way into my list of favorite Hawks songs, and this version carries a pretty nasty punch. All in all, it’s a rock-solid performance; certainly not among the band’s best, but compelling enough considering the Masquerade’s early start time and the lackluster Tuesday night crowd. Enjoy.

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