VIDEO: Hello Cobra – “My Cat Rainbow”

Hello Cobra - My Cat RainbowInstrumental five-piece Hello Cobra play knotty, cacophonous math rock that is almost defiantly chaotic. What structure they have is complex and labyrinthine, and it certainly wouldn’t seem to lend itself easily to short form narrative. But the underlying story that drives the band’s debut video, “My Cat Rainbow,” is so ridiculously perfect (“ridiculously’ in this case referring to both the amazing degree to which everything works together here and the awesome display of surreal silliness it contains) that it helps provide the song with a sense of cohesion and melodic unity that it doesn’t achieve on its own. I won’t give away any of the plot—it’s really much better if you allow the events to unfold on their own—but it’s nice to see a band with an arsenal of serious chops attack with bulldozing aggression and still maintain a sense of humor.

Details are scarce but Hello Cobra has indicated on its Facebook page that a new album is in the works on which “My Cat Rainbow” will presumably be featured. It’s not a lot to go on, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any further developments. Stay tuned.

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