VIDEO: Jungol – “Hide and Seek”

Jungol - Hide and SeekThe third installment of Jungol’s intriguing art film project, Go Softly, is the most fully realized piece of the puzzle we’ve been given yet; it’s the first episode that feels as much of a stand-alone video as it does a slice of a greater whole. And yet, for those of us trying to cut through the veil of mystery that surrounds this project, there’s still no semblance of a plot or narrative structure. Although all three parts that have been revealed so far share the same surreal imagery and visual aesthetic, who or what any of this is supposed to be about is entirely up for grabs.

Musically, however, this is the most confident and assured we’ve heard the group sound on this production. Unlike its two predecessors, “Hide and Seek” is neither a broken fragment or a segue lifted out of context; it’s a full-blooded electronic noise-pop jam that comes off like Britt Teusink remixing Qurious. Pulsing and playful, inventive and infectious, this is the sound of a band expanding their already considerable vision, and having a lot of fun along the way.

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