VIDEO: Jungol – “Tunnel”

Jungol - TunnelEarlier today, when Jungol announced they would be releasing yet another installment in their Go Softly film project tomorrow, I decided to take a little time and re-familiarize myself with the previous pieces. Well, it’s a good thing I did because as it turns out I somehow missed out on this episode that the band posted last month. (Not that it likely would’ve mattered contextually—at this point I’ve given up on assigning any sort of narrative or meaning to the videos—but still.) Overall, I’ve enjoyed watching this project come together; each individual component has brought along with it an aura of unnerving mystery and the unifying aesthetic, one of dreadful beauty, is mesmerizing. But really it’s the music that’s been the most fascinating. Although Go Softly is billed as a Jungol project, “Tunnel” finds the band looking towards guitarist Graham Yoder’s side project, Dark Room, for inspiration. The backing track is a snippet from a song called “Goodbye” pulled from the 2012 EP, Canopy View, and its offbeat thump and ambient grooves make the perfect complement to the surreal visuals. Check it out below.

Jungol will perform tomorrow night, May 16, at Star Bar. Supporting them will be Asian Teacher Factory and Dams. Doors open at 9pm. Admission is FREE.

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