VIDEO: Jungol – “Wake Up”

Jungol - Wake UpLast week we got ourselves caught up with Jungol’s bizarrely beautiful short film project, Go Softly, in anticipation of the release of the project’s fifth installment. As usual we were left with far more questions than answers, and I basically conceded that stringing together a meaning or narrative at this juncture was a futile business. Perhaps when this project is complete and we can watch everything in correct sequence things will fall into line, but the more I think about it, the more I’m seeing this as some sort of surreal, Lynch-ian experiment in dream symbolism, which of course is perfectly awesome. “Wake Up” only continues the trend of unveiling dreamlike imagery and fanciful characters that are simultaneously both haunting and gorgeous and tying them to abstract electronic pop soundscapes. It’s all weird and wonderful and a bit unsettling, especially with the introduction of that creepy egg(?) and the birth of the blue blood woman at the end. Where it goes from here is anybody’s guess, but story or no story I can’t wait to watch and hear this project play itself out. Enjoy.

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