VIDEO: Little Tybee – “For Distant Viewing”

Little TybeeBeautiful, inspiring, humbling. The new video from Little Tybee, set to the title track of their forthcoming album, is a stunning marriage of images and sound that will leave you yearning to leave behind the easy comforts of home for the adventure and mystery of the open highway. Filmed and edited by frontman Brock Scott, the production is essentially a love poem dedicated to life on the road, a gorgeously orchestrated sequence of endlessly shifting shots and slow pans that show the band traveling from one spectacular locale to another—from the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters and all that rich, mystifying natural bounty that too many of us take for granted. It’s such an elegantly-crafted work that it nearly overshadows the lush and lovely music unraveling beneath it, but in the end I’ve come to the conclusion that it couldn’t be a more perfect union. Fantastic.

Little Tybee’s third full length, For Distant Viewing, is due out April 9 via Paper Garden Records.

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