VIDEO: Micah Freeman – “The Now”

Micah Freeman - The NowMicah Freeman’s new single from The Timepiece, “The Now,” is a classic reflection on the dynamics of wooing a lady (or ladies, perhaps). These particular ladies are depicted as that young Atlanta beautiful—well-dressed and accustomed to the sleek nuances of an affluent metropolitan suitor. This calm, cool and collected sensibility is well articulated by the video, which features a series of segments where Freeman basically just hangs out with the objects of his affection. One of the ladies, who adoringly straightens his tie and gives him shoulder rubs, pines outside of a mansion for Freeman, leading viewers to confirm her as the aforementioned high-society beaut. In other segments, another female counterpart ventures off into the woods with the singer/rapper and basks in the methodology of a flowing river (what appears to be the Chattahoochee), atop a cluster of boulders. I could be wrong, but one thing that is for certain is that this video manifests the evocations of “The Now”: it’s slick, simple and stylish.

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