VIDEO: Order of the Owl – “Cocaine Super Demon” (Live)

Order of the Owl - "Cocaine Super Demon"Memorial shows are supposed to be cathartic remembrances, an opportunity for friends and family to gather together and communally purge some of their grief by honoring the memory of the fallen loved one. People often talk about the therapeutic value of music, but rarely do you get an opportunity to experience it en masse with so many others working through their own feelings of sadness and loss. Watching this video of Order of the Owl performing at the memorial for Steve Barrentine, the thing that strikes me the most (aside from the bruising riffs and chaotic stoner doom swells) is the reaction of Steve’s brother, Bryan, who immerses himself in the performance and basically becomes the fourth member of the band for the extent of the song. On any other occasion, this would seem awkward and off-putting, but on Saturday night, with the spirit of Steve looming over the entire evening, it felt right and natural.

As for Order of the Owl, the trio sounded positively ferocious, playing with remarkable vigor and veracity. It’s clear that they’ve used their time on the road wisely, honing their live set into a combination of hammering power and frenzied intensity as evidenced by this scorching take on perpetual fan favorite, “Cocaine Super Demon.” It was a standout performance in an evening filled with great musical moments, and a fitting farewell to one of the most enduring faces on the Atlanta metal scene. Enjoy.

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