VIDEO: PLS PLS – “Exes” (indieATL Live)

PLS PLS - Exes So let me see what we’ve got here. The most obvious and immediate thing is that we’ve got Latest Disgrace faves PLS PLS performing live at the Goat Farm as part of the 2013 Atlanta Film Festival Sound & Visual Experience. Pretty cool, right? Well, then you throw in the fact that the band is completely ripping their way through a killer version of a punked-up unreleased track called “Exes” and you might say the pot has been sweetened substantially. Add in layer upon layer of audio-visual production magic from the consummate pros at indieATL and there’s no way I’m not hitting repeat at least a half-dozen times in my first viewing. Seriously, how much win can you pack into three-minute of footage? That’s rhetorical, of course, but you already know where I stand. If you want to judge everything for yourself (and you most definitely should), go ahead and hit play on the video below.

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