VIDEO PREMIERE: Christ, Lord – “Frank Sinatra” (Live)

Christ, Lord - Frank SinatraMoody and cinematic, this sneak peak at new track “Frank Sinatra” marks a stylistic departure for Christ, Lord—one more interested in crafting smoky noir atmospheres than vaudevillian gypsy-folk romps. The swing and strut of the band’s recently released live EP is gone, replaced by the stately air of a wafting trumpet and shimmering bursts of guitar that dissipate like so many puffs of smoke. The only sense of forward momentum is the track’s heavy-heeled lurch, a steady plod of muted staccato movements that seem to pace in circles. It feels solemn, certainly, but not sad—more like the weary resignation of a lover long spurned.

Shot by Bill Guzik and recorded by Little Tybee drummer Pat Brooks, the accompanying video is part of a short film captured in the North Georgia mountains while the band completed a residency at the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts. At first glance the production may not seem like much, but all that soft focus and all those slow pans and lingering closeups manage to stir up quite a sense of dramatic tension. There’s no action or narrative to speak of, yet each frame remains pregnant with anticipation. Credit much of that to the band’s murky soundtrack, and their willingness to push their music in unexpected directions. Christ, Lord have been making some bold strides as of late and this video is just another indicator of how far they can go. Enjoy.

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