VIDEO: Spirits and the Melchizedek Children – “Lost and Found”

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children - Lost and FoundI’m trying to find my way into “Lost and Found.” The track is the second single to be revealed off Spirit and the Melchizedek Children’s upcoming LP, So Happy, It’s Sad, and unlike its predecessor, the elegant and hypnotic “Song Bird’s Grave,” there is no instant gratification here. It’s a song that demands repeated listens, one that stretches, meanders, and explores and never quite settles into a specific direction. There’s beauty for sure, as well as moments of fragility and moody tension; I’m just searching for the tether that ties it all together. This is a good thing.

In many ways, you can see the parallels in this video. The shiftless wandering through the wilderness, the sense of a quest without any implicit destination or final goal. Director and editor Carl Janes keeps things minimal and simple, allowing the natural and sometimes desolate beauty of the Quarry and Arabia Mountain to set the mood, while the band’s endless marching and grim facial expressions help dictate what little story there is to tell. In the end, Janes doesn’t force any unnecessary action and he ultimately leaves it up to the viewer’s imagination to fill in the narrative gaps. This, too, is a good thing.

So Happy, It’s Sad is due to be released as a full-length LP/CD on March 4, 2014.

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