VIDEO: The Difference Machine – “So Hip”

The Difference Machine - So HipI’ve been meaning to post about this vid ever since it dropped a couple of weeks ago because if ever there was an Atlanta group that deserved some proper visuals to go along with their music it’s experimental hip-hop duo the Difference Machine. All the samples, the abstract noises and textured soundscapes, the field recordings and found sounds just beg for some psychedelic tapestry of images and graphics to be burned into our collective retinas. Unfortunately, this here isn’t quite what I had in mind. Live videos can serve a purpose, of course, in that they generally offer a decent peak into what a particular artist brings to the stage. And, yeah, this is exactly what I would hope from a Difference Machine show—Dr. Conspiracy laying low in the back killing the beats while DT rips it up on the mic, front and center. All dopeness, no bullshit. But man, I won’t lie. I was hoping for some trippy, mind-bending, way out there type stuff. And while I like what I see, I can’t help but wish my retinas were on fire instead.

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