VIDEO: The N.E.C. – “Sally”

The N.E.C. - SallyIn a way, the N.E.C.’s new video is both perfect and obvious. The sonic cosmonauts have always flaunted their psychedelic leanings and penchant for excursionary guitar freakouts, so what easier/better way to establish visual cues than by setting their latest single “Sally” (taken from their upcoming record R U GOING TO THE SHOW?) to a veritable explosion of tripped-out, LSD-inspired imagery. It’s a simple concept, yes, but the song’s pulsing, distortion-fueled drone and swaths of acid-laced feedback are tailor-made for this sort of treatment; the more you surrender yourself to the hypnotic swirl of mutating colors and grainy stock footage, the more arresting it all becomes—sometimes to the point of trepidation. All in all, it makes for one helluva mind trip. Check it out below.

R U GOING TO THE SHOW? is due out August 27 via Tripp Tapes/[OVE:EVO].

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