VIDEO: Whores. – “I’m an Amateur at Everything” (Live)

Whores. - I'm an Amateur at EverythingWhores.’ much-anticipated sophomore EP, Clean., is finally out today and to help put everyone in the proper mind frame, here’s a video of the band slaying the closing track “I’m an Amateur at Everything” at their record release show on October 19. Like much of the group’s material, the song is all sledgehammer riffs and nasty attitude with a mid-tempo breakdown thrown in for dynamic effect. If you deconstructed this lumbering beast into its constituent parts, you probably wouldn’t find anything all that revelatory, but Whores. have always been a band driven by classic hardcore-punk tropes like anger, ear-splitting volume and tension. Their greatest strength lies in the way they can whip the simplest of passages into a vicious, sludge and noise-infested hate fest that’s not only unquestionably visceral, but also remarkably memorable as well. Soak in the rage below.

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