MP3: Haedes – “Coast Guard”

Hades - Coast Guard

Raise your hand if you had no idea O’Brother guitarist Jordan McGhin had a side project. Don’t feel bad if you feel left in the dark, because I had no clue either. Not until a couple of days ago, anyway. But, man, is Hades impressive. Or perhaps better put, “Coast Guard” is one hell of a standout track. Because that, along with a B-side cut called “The Cold,” is all we have to go on until July 7, when the trio officially release their debut EP.

Musically, the band is a few steps removed from O’Brother’s atmospheric sludge assault, but there are some similarities, especially in terms of mood, which leans heavily here towards the dark and stormy. Portishead is a name that will likely get tossed about in discussions of the group, mostly because vocalist Susan Hardie’s ethereal voice bears some resemblance to Beth Gibbons’ bleak but beautiful croon, but also because the psychedelic textures are there as is the slow-build propulsion, which shifts from airy acoustic reverie to a seething distorted roar over the course of six minutes. If I had to pick a word to describe the feeling this track engenders, I might go with foreboding as the track seems to dance about on the edge of a precipice while a cloud of dread and doom lingers overhead. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but this is one hell of a stunning introduction.

Give “Coast Guard” a listen below and then head over to the group’s Bandcamp page where you can grab the single for whatever price you choose.

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