MP3: HYDRABADD (feat. Slowriter) – “Orbital Collision”


Electronic duo HYDRABADD have been threatening to release new music for a couple of weeks now, and yesterday the group made good on their promise when they unveiled their latest recording, the five-song Astral Mirage EP. It’s yet another collection of immersive soundscapes and extraterrestrial beat exploration that sounds as if were created on some distant planet where all life forms are a liquid shade of blue and all plant life is either crystallized or encased in a phosphorescent glow. Kind of like Avatar, but without the shitty 3D. There are certainly some fantastical elements at play in this record, and the duo’s ability to conjure up a sense of journey and discovery makes for one hell of a cosmic head trip.

Matt Cooper and Nabhanyu Chiluveru have always had a futuristic aesthetic that is part cinematic sci-fi experimentation and part contorted hip-hop swagger, and on Astral Mirage they push each element to the outer reaches with their most lush and mercurial effort yet. The amount of detail the duo pack into each track borders on the staggering, but rarely does any of it feel overbearing. Icy synth swells combine seamlessly with shimmering bursts of textured noise and other celestial shards of otherworldly atmospherics while HYDRABADD’s beats, grimy but tuneful, help keep things from drifting too far into the nether regions of space.

One thing Cooper and Chiluveru have learned since they started racking up SoundCloud plays is the power of collaboration, and here they join forces with the likes of local producer Ba-kuura, as well as Abra, who previously lent her voice to the duo’s majestic “Sanctuary.” But my favorite track so far is the EP’s final cut, “Orbital Collission,” featuring Slowriter. As a collaboration it makes perfect sense given Slowriter mastermind Bryan Taylor’s recent forays into electronic experimentation as well as the fact that Cooper, an extremely talented drummer, once manned the kit for the group. It also helps that Taylor’s vocals, a mix of indie-pop crooning and semi-detached R&B smoothness, melds perfectly with HYDRABADD’s intergalactic jet stream of sound. Give it a listen below and then make sure to head over to the duo’s Bandcamp page where you can download Astral Mirage for any price you choose.

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