MP3: Jungol – “Full of Chemicals”

Photo by Raymond Chang

It may have been four years since Jungol released their last LP, the excellent Over the Sun and Under the Radar, but anyone who’s been following the band over that long stretch knows that the group has been keeping themselves busy. Whether it’s branching out into other mediums for their Go Softly video project (for which the band won a 2013 Creative Loafing award for Best Experimental Act) or stretching their creative bones with side ventures such as Graham Yoder’s solo work as Dark Room or local collective the Locksmyth, the group has certainly had no shortage of musical output to keep fans interested.

But let’s not kid ourselves. A new record is definitely overdue, so when Jungol announced a few weeks ago that their upcoming record, Ghost Knocks, would be released on June 21, it was a bit of a cause for celebration.

And now here to further the festivities is the album’s first single, the soaring, groove-heavy “Full of Chemicals.” Given the group’s most recent output, it should be no surprise the music has taken a much more electronic-focused turn, and anyone hoping for a return to Over the Sun and Under the Radar’s arty prog aesthetic may walk away disappointed. But one of the band’s core strengths has always been the ability to wrap memorable pop melodies in unique textures and inserting them into interesting arrangements. “Full of Chemicals” certainly fits that mold, with chiming synths and chest-rattling bass serving as foundation for what is ultimately an iridescent psyche-dance jam with surprising R&B leanings. Give it a listen below and then head over to Jungol’s website to download the track for free.

Jungol will celebrate the release of Ghost Knocks on Saturday, June 21 at the Earl. Supporting them will be fellow locals deadCAT and Qurious. Doors open at 9pm. Admission is $7.

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