MP3: Lowbanks – “Sleep for Days”

Photo by Sara Slick

Maybe it’s a question of shitty timing and the scene’s waning interest in all things garage-punk, but as things stand now, Lowbanks seem destined to get swallowed up by listener apathy. Which fucking sucks because, man, John Graffo and company crank out some feverish tunes that deserve a wider audience. Hopefully their fortunes will turn with the release of The Dogs, the band’s upcoming five-song EP, due out December 9th. Lead single “Sleep for Days” offers up the sort of grimy, fuzzed-out rock that the trio excels at mixed with a healthy dose of psych-surf pyrotechnics. It’s a fervent rager, for sure, with Graffo’s coiled riffs and rowdy growl leading the charge. Are they innovators? Decidedly not. But what these guys do, they do exceedingly well, and with frenetic energy to spare. There’s a lot of things you could do with Lowbanks’ music—sleeping on it shouldn’t be one of them.

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