MP3: Slow Parade – “Big Plans”

Slow Parade

Indie folk trio Slow Parade is a new project comprised of principal songwriter Matthew Pendrick, bassist Andrea Demarcus (also of Cicada Rhythm) and multi-instrumentalist Paul Stevens (also of Grand Vapids). The group recently completed recording their debut LP, Big Plans, at the Cottage with producer Damon Moon at the helm, and are currently shopping the record to labels with the hopes of releasing it by spring 2015. In order to get the word out about their project, the trio have unveiled the lead single and title track from the album, a sauntering mid-tempo number, led by Pendrick’s warm, melancholy vocals, which fluctuate between full-bellied roar and gritty Southerm twang. It’s a song about fraying ambitions, about struggling with stasis and hoping someone or something will come along to lift you out of your rut. “Waiting for someone to wake me up and say ‘your train run away, come out of the rain’,” Pendrick sings, a simple but effective metaphor that settles well against the band’s rustic, unadorned music. Listen/download below.

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